Need a Hand With Your Errands?

Learn about our concierge service in St. Petersburg & Tampa, FL by calling Last Minute Pick-Up

Struggling to find time to tackle the tasks on your to-do list? Don't stress-Last Minute Pick-Up LLC is here to help. We're a trusted concierge service in St. Petersburg, FL that offers service throughout the Tampa Bay area. When it comes to errands, if you can think it, we can do it.

Save time with professional concierge service

Running errands can be a hassle. If you need help, reach out to Last Minute Pick-Up today. We're known throughout the St. Petersburg & Tampa, FL area for first-rate errand service. You can hire us to:

  • Give you a ride to or from any location in the Tampa Bay area
  • Pick up an oversized item from a local store and deliver it to your home or office
  • Purchase items on your grocery list or grab an item you forgot to buy
We think you deserve concierge service. Whether you need help with a single chore or your entire to-do list, you can trust us to take care of it for you. Call or text 727 409 7637 now to schedule professional errand service.